Brainpower 866C-6 controller


Dec 1, 2016
Chicago, USA
Simply put. learn mode is flakey. It almost seemed like the connectors were intermittent. Power up and nothing happens. AFter a few tries, it always spins backward. Then I break the connection, make it again, and it spins forward, but so slow, like 1-2 rpm. Sometimes, if I let it spin, it will try to spin up to a normal speed and then fall back, almist like it was trying a different phase combination every 10 seconds.

Then there's an Error 10 on the S866 display which means it's not talking to the LCD. Hoping I get a return.

Hooked up a previous Brainpower model. Learn mode works perfectly but the display won't talk to it.

Just to refresh my memory, nothing needs to be connected to do learn, other than a controller or a jumper to start the controller. right. The 866-C has this new three pin connector for EABS, which I cannot find anyhing documented. It seems to have powr/ground and a sense pin.


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Jun 12, 2011
EABS is for direct drive motors. Just leave it disconnected. For testing, always disconnect everything that isn't essential for testing, i.e. just connect the motor battery LCD, self-learn wires and throttle

Frederico Vicente

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Aug 1, 2021
Aveiro - Portugal
Hi guys...

taking advantage of the post here, is there any default password for the controllers or is each one specific to the brand?

I bought an electric bike and I can't access the parameters because the controller asks for a password.

Thanks for your help.