Breaking a Woosh Sirocco. Worth the effort?


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Jun 24, 2015
Unless I can fix my Woosh Sirocco CDL, I am done with it. Last chance saloon time, and the drinks are being poured.

Anyway, assuming the worst, I am hopeful I can use the rack battery for a planned conversion.

The carcass of the bike is worthless, except for the mid-drive motor. I know nothing of what make it is, but is it worth scavenging the motor and then flogging it on here? Does anyone know what make it is? It appears to only fit bikes with extra clearance behind the seat tube, so that will limit the possibilities, I suppose...


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May 15, 2011
you can't use the CDL motor on another bike. The bottom bracket shell need to be 38mm (diameter) x 68mm (length) x 5mm (thickness ) to house it. The standard BB shell has 35mm diameter (35mm x 68mm), so the CDL motor won't go in. The battery and rack are recoverable but of little value after 2-3 years.