Controller wiring?


Jul 10, 2011
I now have a Conhismotor 48v 500w controller and lcd panel for the upgrading of the Tonaro.Before I start trying to fathom the wiring of the controller myself (this will be my first build),does anyone have an inkling where all the wires connect to?


Deleted member 4366

Here's a diagram.

The 48v(36v) LCD power are for lights. I think its permanently on.

I'm not sure about the electric lock. I think those wires have to be connected for the motor to work. I leave mine connected all the time, but like that, when you switch off the panel, the motor still works. If you disconnect the battery and re-connect the battery, you have to switch on the panel before the motor will work again.

The display gets its speed signal from the motor, so it'll show the motor speed, which will be zero when you free-wheel.

There's an additional 2 pin connector on the LCD harness, which is for lights at battery voltage. It can be switched on and off from the LCD unit.

Make sure that the colors match across the PAS, throttle and hall connectors. You might have to change some pins over.