Convert my Raleigh shopper


Dec 29, 2009
west wales
Just a note on the Raleigh shoppers fork spacing 90mm, wheels are 28 spoke and 451 mm rims ( 20x 1 3/8 instead of the more modern 36 spoke 406 mm rims ( 20x 1.75).
The head stock has a nylon bush instead of a top bearing race and handlebar stem dont removed till the bolt at bottom of the yoke is removed which holds the front brake on..
There is a host of information on
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Jun 11, 2014
Hello Forum,

I just wanted to update everyone on the final result and to thank d8veh for his expertise and work on the bike. The result has totally exceeded my expectations and can’t thank d8veh enough for converting my old shopper into this absolute beauty.

The frame itself actually lends itself perfectly to the set up, it feels like a mini moped! I had no idea I would actually be able to go full pelt without any cycle assistance what so ever. Along side my ‘manual’ bike this is the ultimate boys toy for leisurely day trips. I can’t stop playing on it to be honest… took it out to the country yesterday and flew up steep hills with literally no effort. My brother and friends all want one now… so later down the line I will have to try putting one of these together myself.

Thanks everyone! Here she is :)

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Aug 2, 2009
Iconic bike, people use bikes as ornaments at car shows these days.