Cube SUV Hybrid Pro


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Jan 26, 2015
The European Union
Bike-Discount sells Cube frames (as well as whole bikes) which I looked at when I was thinking of building my own bike from scratch. Very nice bit of kit for the money.


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Mar 12, 2015
Hub gear is different. Some steep uphil trails can be a pain, as you have to stop pedaling slightly to change down a gear when it gets steeper, which can catch you out.
On the flip side, when you do stop in the wrong gear, just flick to the right gear and get going again.
I love it, wish there was a bigger selection of more off road specific with hubs as i wouldnt buy the suv for the trails, its a road bike.

As an urban bike its perfect, but dont need the.nice clean hub then!

Still love my bike, but i would buy something different next time for where i ride it.

Hi Mr Geoff. I have have been looking at the 2016 model, is yours the same with hub gears and 8 speed? If you have hub gears how is the of road and trailing?


Nov 12, 2015
Hi Mr Geoff. The bike is really nice. On the pictures it looks like (for an urban bike) it rides reasonably on some of the country trails. I'm in a dilemma as I would want to use the SUV 90 per cent as urban road bike and 10 per cent on trails just like the ones in your pictures. You mentioned that you would get something different next time (this worried me as a prospective buyer of this model) for where you ride, do you tend to go more of roading? Also do you find that on medium hills on tarmac that the hubs are annoying or are they ok?


Finding my (electric) wheels
Mar 12, 2015
If your really going to use the bike for 90% tarmac, then the bike is perfect, it does the easy trails, and old railway lines with ease.

I have got fully used to the hub on hills, on or off road. Just need to think about what point to change down, if going gets a bit steep. On a road, or soft trail, this is never an issue. On a steep trail, with rocks, roots etc, you may go over a root, at the exact point you have to stop pedalling to change to the low gear, this may stop the bike. No issue, you get used to changing down earlier, if you see a tricky bit coming up.

The reason why "I" would buy something different, is when I bought it, I though I would be 90% road and soft trail, tow path, railway line.

It turns out, that there are a LOT of hard trails, steep hill trail sections, that I can now do now I have the assistance. I would never have discovered them, or gone anywhere near them without an electric bike. I needed the electric to discover them, and now I have, I know that full SUS is the right thing for the terrain I now ride!

Hope that makes sense, chicken and egg really.

I just ride the cube within its capabilities, on all terrain, yes, the back wheel spins in the mud, and I have to go slow down hills, but nothing stops me, so im still very happy with the bike.

Feb 10, 2016
Hi guys. I hope that this post is in the right place and that you can all help me with some issues.

I bought one of these and it arrived today.

Unfortunately, all is not well.

The rear disc brake is attached properly to the adapter, but the adapter seems to be able to flop about as it sees fit on the bike itself.

Likewise, there is far more play than I would like on the front headset, despite tightening, loosening and re-tightening the star nut and the steerer nuts.

I have made videos and sent them with my complaints to the company who sold me the bike . I can name these if you like.

This is most aggravating. I got this bike to help me cover the 17 miles or so into work and back instead of paying and being aggravated on the London Underground.

Now I am sat here with a bike I am not even sure is fit to cycle.

I know the seller did a test drive as there is dirt on the tyres and the display unit is showing information from a previous cycle.

Either that or they sent me a bike that was returned to them.

I am seriously pissed off and considering taking a giant crap all over them on the internet forums.

I am not a competitor of theirs and can show you all the relevant sale documents.

If anybody else had these issues I would like to hear from you.


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Feb 10, 2016
Okay, the seller contacted me and is sending an engineer out from their nearest office. When the bike is fixed I will do a proper review, presuming their engineer can fix it that is.

V disappointed so far.

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Dec 14, 2017
united kingdom
Hi guys (Mrgeoff in particular)

Do you know how the belt fits, does the frame split apart?
It is difficult to see on the photos.

Does the automatic cadence work okay, or does it annoy you not being "in control" of gears?


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