Definitely not for commuting


May 21, 2016
nr Canterbury, UK
I have to say Rutland have been excellent but I probably deserve a kicking on here for not buying local.
Thanks for your reply, but don't beat yourself up about using Rutland. Very few LBS's can even offer electric bikes and the majority of those that offer servicing and repairs make you pay a pretty high price, often as dear or dearer than the mechanic at motorcycle garages. Cyles have got more complex and the tools ain't cheap, but...
The disappearance of LBS's and many other local shops is a great shame, but we can't put back the clocks, although we can help slow down the cull. I buy local whenever possible and I'm happy to pay a moderate premium, especially if I believe I'll get aftersales service. However, I often know I won't and the price difference is sometimes too big.


Oct 25, 2006
Is that an improvement over the clacking ones??
They say so, the troublesome ones were the Impulse 2 version.

There have been a couple of Evo failures, but considering the very large numbers sold in Germany and elswhere that might not mean much. Every product suffers the odd fault.

There is now a Kalkhoff UK base which is reassuring.
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