LCD / Display choices

St. Ginger

Finding my (electric) wheels
Feb 6, 2020
Evening all.

Im researching my first build, and probably looking at a nice simple XF07 front hub kit from woosh.

However, the supplied display seems from the manual to be a bit too rudimentary for what I want.

The unit lets you set wheel diameter, but only to basic wheel sizes: 20", 26", 700c, 28". This is all well and good, but not very accurate if I'm running balloon tyres, 29" and 55mm wide. Will likely wind up with misread speed and mileage.

It also seems that you can't change it from kph to mph.

I'm slowly getting my head round the required parts of an ebike kit, but wanted to ask if you could upgrade displays to better units down the line? Can you fit whatever display as long as the wires are correct, or does the display have to be designed for the motor?

I like the look and function of things like the bafang displays, but I'm assuming it's a no go to fit them on a different system.

Thanks for any input :D


Dec 1, 2016
Chicago, USA
Displays are designed for specific controller families. Bafang works with bafang contollrers. KT diplays with KT controllers. Lishui with Lishui.

If one want accurate speed ratings, then install an inexpensive bike commuter. They input the wheel circumference to the nearest cm.