Magic Pie 3, UK legal ?

Nigel Jarman

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Nov 5, 2014

Two questions I guess:

First off, it mentions in the technical stuff the following:

> 250W - 1500W

I'm aware the UK legal limit is 250w, so my first question is, if it was possible to limit an electric hub motor to 250w output electronically, but still allow it to be reprogrammed to a higher value (Say for off road use.), would it still be UK road legal if set at 250w setting ?

Second question is, is this what is intended by the 250w to 1500w wording, eg. can you limit the electric hub to only a max of 250w ?

Related link:

I'm thinking what would be nice is if I could get an electric hub that could later on be set electronically above 250w for when I get the vehicle classified as a motorvehicle, then I would have less to change.

And, pondering the idea of changing said vehicle from a 3 wheeler to a 4th wheeler with the 2nd rear wheel having another electric hub the same in it, for max of 3,000w output, I wonder how that might work in practice..


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May 27, 2012
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UK law says that your motor mustn't have a nominal rating of more than 250w - important part there is 'nominal'. There is no actual limit on the current you can run. If your motor is within this rating and you are able to keep it running at higher wattages, then you are within the law.