New BBS01B 250W conversion


Jun 6, 2011
Wallasey, Wirral.
Meanwhile, back on topic....
I finally got the build done on Sunday (took most of the day..) so here's a few photos below as promised.

I can't say I'm that pleased with the athestics of the battery arrangement on the rear rack. The new version Hailong-3 packs appear a bit taller than the previous ones so it all looks a bit higher at the back than expected.
However, the plywood platform works well and the rubber clad P clips holding it to the rack provide a very stable and cushioned mounting for the battery holder, with no rattles. I regret having not painted the wood black before the conversion so will probably trim the platform up to the battery shape and paint it in the hope it blends into the rack better. Also due to the frame design the motor would not swivel up very far, like a standard frame bottom bracket would, leaving the motor positioned lower than usual but hopefully with enough clearance.

We had a good test ride yesterday and my wife loved the throttle boost and hill climbing ability of the motor, needing very little effort when pedalling. Also the fact I struggled to keep up with her on the flat during a 'drag race', with me having to put lots more effort into my Greenway max drive bike amused her too !
There's still a bit of cable tidying to do and brake sensors to fit but overall she's very happy with the bike and the way it performs, even if I'm not too chuffed at the moment with how the battery looks on the back. I might look for a suitable rack bag to cover the battery as it sticks out like a sore thumb at the minute. 20170730_191441.jpg20170730_191407.jpg 20170731_224206.jpg