Q128 and BBS02 questions

Marc Webster

Finding my (electric) wheels
Nov 17, 2016
Glendale, California USA
Hello All,

This is my first post here. I have a similar thread on Endless Sphere, but since i am trying to build a low powered pedelec and not an electric motorcycle my replies have been all over the place. I figured this is the place for Pedelecs.

I want a max installed weight of the electric system around 10 to 12 lbs. Bike will be a commuter and I will bike to work 2 to 3 times a week weather permitting. Commute is 10 miles each way (mostly flat) and I can charge at work if needed. I weigh 225lbs. I live in Los Angeles so I am not bound by many motor sizing laws so long as I ride at a sane pace. 25mph with pedaling is just fine for me. I already bought the bike with consideration for dropout compatibility and a hub motor. The bike is a Charge Grater 4

My main problem now stems around the controller. I want as stealthy a bike as possible and so I wanted to have Paul at Em3ev make me a nice low AH light 13s3P pack. Something similar to the 52V Luna Mighty Mini but 48V and a bit more AH. Anyhow going this route forces me to have an external controller and I can not seem to find a good place to hide it and or a case that fits the controller.
I am considering the S12SH controller from BMS
anyone have any pics of a similar configuration. I want to avoid any bags, but I am open to a rear rack and having the controller hidden underneath.

Another option a bit less stealthy but an easy install is the shark type battery with integrated 18a controller. This makes my install much easier, but I was informed that 18a is a bit light for the Q128C motor. Anyone have any thoughts on this? https://bmsbattery.com/ebike-battery/774-48v116ah-case-08-bottle-panasonic-battery-pack-battery.html

I am not a fan of the 09 battery as its just too large.

Last option and not as nice a pedelec is I just go with a BBS02 and the small battery. This is the easiest install. This configuration will meet my less than 12lb requirement. Also a possible construction project on the bike path may change my commute route to a new one with a huge hill and the mid drive would likely be better suited. I am still waiting to see if this project will affect me.

Open to any advice....