Q128C Road Doner Bike Advice


Sep 11, 2017
Hi again, I just want to get on and ride again after 9 months of my Q128C kit doing nothing..

I previously set up my Specialized Secteur Elite (SRAM Apex) for my Q128C kit and it was great.
I then left Australia and sold the bike, but brought home the kit.
Thinking that I was smart (and English weather was bad) I bought a used Specialized Diverge but have had lots of issues fitting the kit with the disc brakes, and then finding that the brakes hardly work at all..so I have binned that idea.

Now, I am looking to buy a simple road bike that will be a great donor for my Q128C hub. The main factor is a simple install, and simple maintenance.
From past mistakes, I obviously need
Freehub not freewheel,
V Brakes (equivalent) not Disc brakes.
Ideally, a decent gap by the bottom bracket to fit a sensor..

After the PITA used bike that I previously purchased, I am tempted to buy a cheap new roadie with tourney 7 speed gears but this appears to be a freewheel which I assume is incompatible.

Has anybody got any advice?
I looked at Carrera Zelos but the old ones had freewheel and unsure on the current model.
The Decathlon Triban 100 has SIS style gears which I would prefer to avoid.
The £300 Brand X bike at Wiggle also looks it could work (and in black hides the cables etc well).,

Considering buying the bike I previously had but it is depressing that they still want £300 for a 10 year old used bike here when I sold it for £100 in Sydney.

Any advice, suggestions welcome even if to tell me that I am an idiot.

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Aug 7, 2014
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Disc brakes (hydraulic) so muuuuuch better. You have to remember the rear brake needs upgrading for caliper clearance, so go for 180 or 203 rotor plus appropriate adapter then you should have little or no issues.


Sep 11, 2017
thanks, I already upgraded to 180.however the discs literally couldn’t stop me on the flat at 10mph. Something seriously amiss with it despite me making it nice and tight.

I had already tried an ebike with hydraulic brakes and they were great. It was Bosch and I put the limit remover on and it went through the 500 battery so quickly that I sold it ASAP and decided to revert to the more efficient roadie.
Admittedly I did have it on turbo (but it doesn’t tell you the watts you are using).
Sep 11, 2017
So, I settled on a Bianchi Via Nirone which should hopefully be small enough for my wife and large enough for me. Unlike my Spesh build, I am going to keep the battery in the triangle bag to save damage to the frame. It also looks fairly tidy.
The PAS sensor is on the LHS in the photo but I am moving it to inside the 34T chainring. It will be held in place by a couple of cable ties around the crank arm (and I will drill small holes into the sensor ring itself to allow the cable ties to do a good job.

This has been so much easier than my disc bike :)