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Jun 24, 2009
Hello All,
I currently have a 500W DD electric bike ( front wheel kit running from a ping 36V 20Ah battery.

The kit has done 12500miles without too many issues (mainly broken wires) it is used for commuting on a round trip of 21 miles, there are lights runnig direct and via a step down convertor off the battery.

The top speed has been reduced via a variable resistor in the throttle line this was done to avoid LVC as the battery has aged and is set at about 20mph which I find acceptable.

It typically consumes 22wh/mile and gets near LVC at about 13.7Ah this is from a cycle analyst.

I would like to keep the top speed around the 20mph mark the route is mostly flat with some hills but nothing long or major.

I would prefer to go with a front wheel option as I currently wouldn't have one once I remove the current wheel, I am up for building a wheel.

My main reason for doing this is to make the bike look more stealthy (remove the dinner plate from the front wheel) and reduce the power consumed but keep the top speed and distance, if I have understood correctly geared motors draw less power? which will help not reach the LVS before I make it home, particularly as we head into the winter with headwinds and cold batteries.

Any suggestions? I keep looking at BMS battery and get confused!?, If i have to get a set of wheels as a rear motor is the better option then fine, although I may then look to the bbs01 350W crank drive.

My previous bike was an old brushed powerbike so I am more use to hub motors.



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May 15, 2011