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Jul 19, 2020
Alrighty then here’s my update. I started to strip my donor bike last night, a Scott Hardtail, I’ve owned it from new so knew it hadn’t been abused or used that much. Anyway I’d bought some new bits and pieces online and cracked on yesterday with the strip down. I basically stripped and cleaned everything off the bike. Wheel bearings, Hydraulic brakes, rear cassette, head stock the bloody lot. I bought a tool kit for £50, Lifeline, and TBF it’s been brilliant absolutely worth the money. I’ve attached a picture of the bits I removed. A big tip is to take pictures as you go and the order you take parts off, this definitely helps when rebuilding. So all stripped and cleaned up. Attached is a picture of the bike without parts. I kinda wish I sent the frame to be resprayed, which I was thinking but hey ho on we go.

The kits arrived today, I ordered it Sunday night. Anyway I’ve started to rebuild most of it has gone well, but the headset seems a bit stiff so I’ll look at that tomorrow. Oh and I went and emptied the oil for the brakes. I’ve ordered a kit for bleeding off amazon and it’s due tomorrow, thank god for Amazon. I went and got a few bits from Halfords the guy was very helpful to be fair.

Some other things for tomorrow, one of the pistons on the brakes seems to be seized I’m hoping to try and free it so I don’t have to buy a new one! Then I need to set up the brakes.

I’ve tried the motor in the hub and it went in fine, looks like it’s gonna be a nice fit. I’ve set it up on the kitchen table it all lights up but the Motor/cogs doesn’t turn, but then I’m not pedalling. It seems very snug against the frame so I’ll see if I can off set it tomorrow.

The only other small thing Is that it came with an EU plug so I can’t charge the battery up.

I’ll update tomorrow when hopefully the brake and headset will be sorted and the motor fitted!!



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Sep 4, 2013
Tightening the screw on top of the headset would make it stiff. That's only a bearing preload screw and shouldn't be tightened past removing any play.
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