Thumbs up for 8FUN bike


Jul 14, 2011
With the bottle battery in their kits (and perhaps the rack battery) UK 8FUN supplied a pigtail of an air plug with the other end bare. The front motor part of their kit is gone, replaced by a BBS01 mid motor, but after quite a few years I still use their bottle battery, which just keeps marching on. (The original installation of the QSWXK motor and kit UK 8FUN supplied is illustrated in this photo essay.)

When installing the Bafang BBS01 to work with the bottle battery from UK 8FUN, I noticed that one of the clamp screws on the plug had fallen out. Everything works fine but I thought it best to have another cable and plug on standby.

UK 8FUN, after asking for a photograph of the plug and cable I wanted to replace, sent me an exact duplicate, right down to bullets I had fitted! The cost was a tenner, including postage to Ireland, which is reasonable enough, and from first contact to having the cable in my hand took about eight days; UK 8FUN actually replied to me on a Saturday, which is good service.

Thumbs up for UK 8FUN; they sell the good gear at good prices, and their service is very agreeable indeed, even years later.

If my BBS01 doesn't work out, I'll probably get another QSWXK kit from UK 8FUN.