What else should you upgrade when fitting a motor?


Finding my (electric) wheels
May 5, 2020
Alright all!

I'm a total newbie to the e-bike world, but as a fond proponent of the phrase 'go hard or go home', find myself anticipating receipt of a not entirely legal motor in the very near future.
I ride a Specialized Rockhopper that's in fairly decent nick, but having said that, are there any other items that I'd do well to replace/upgrade to ensure the longevity of other components isn't compromised? I'm thinking cassette, chain, even brakes perhaps?

Hope y'all enjoying the weather and thanks in advance for the good advice



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May 23, 2015
you want 4 pot brake calipers and 203mm 2 part decent rotors. front and rear if they will fit.
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Sep 2, 2019
Robust chain especially if going for a crank drive; brakes as you will be adding the best part of 10kg to your bike's weight; maybe lights - you probably won't be able to tap off the ebike battery.


May 9, 2015
A Gear sensor, which cuts power when you change gear, stops gears crunching. A steel rear cassette. Suspension seat post is always good, you'll be hitting potholes much quicker. Carry a set of Allen keys, especially the one that fits the Crank arms, they always seem to come loose.


Finding my (electric) wheels
May 5, 2020
Thanks guys, much appreciated! I'm looking at the Shimano XT M8120 brake set and the XT RT86 rotors - went to bleed my Elixir 1's the other day and the piston seals in the levers have perished I think as kept drawing air when 'vacuuming' together with a gurgling noise. They're probably due for a change now anyway!

Rookie question - do I need to consider the extra width of having a 6 hole adaptor when buying rotors, or is it 'inset'? I've never messed around with it, but I know I have a straight through that's been adapted for 6 bolt rotors, but may investigate hub mounted. Will this affect lateral alignment of the calipers and rotor and, if so, is it easy to adjust? Just want to know before shelling out on some good 'uns!

Thanks again :)