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    Newbie advice - Connecting Yose Power kit to Seperate Battery

    What type of connector is on your proposed battery?
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    broken cable help

    So, is the valve loose in the wheel rim or not?
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    broken cable help

    When the tyre is flat the valve will be loose in the wheel rim if it is a tube, if you can't move the valve or push it in when flat then it's most likely tubeless
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    Thoughts guys

    Whatever happened to vfr, I know he was a font of knowledge and from what I gather he had a fall out and threw the Teddy out the cot but he really was an asset to the forum with his knowledge, I certainly miss his acerbic attitude to some folk which wasn't always correct but hey ho, we all...
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    broken cable help

    That wire brush is wearing thin now
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    The worlds most advanced front light

    I hate these type of advertising claims, there's two ice cream shops opposite each other in a town in Italy and they both claim to sell the world's best ice cream therefore I can't believe the world's most advanced bike light!
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    Bike cutting out when battery on 3 bars

    There's also guys in the radio controlled fraternity that know this type of technology
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    Bike cutting out when battery on 3 bars

    What about an auto electrician
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    Halfords electric scooters.

    Just got back from a few days in Rome where these things are legal, download an app' read the qr code and away you go, problem is they are literally just dumped everywhere for pedestrians to clamber over, no registered parking spots and no road rules from what I saw and very nippy
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    Plainclothes PC cyclist snares drivers who come too close

    I'm in Italy atm and have been for the past month, one of our air bnb hosts had leccy bikes that we were allowed the use of but after seeing how Italian drivers totally disrespect and disregard cyclists we thought better of it and gave them a miss, the Italian drivers are extremely impatient...
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    Oxygen ebike

    OK there's the user manual if you search oxygen user manual, I'd post a link but I seem to have gotten a bit thick today
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    Oxygen ebike

    Yes I'm sure it does, but I can't remember how to access the options but I would think a Google would know
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    Oxygen ebike

    Well I'm pretty sure mine is set at the standard max, 15.5mph
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    Oxygen ebike

    I think I may be but not knowing which is large medium or small then I'm sort of guessing, bike purchased june/July 2020