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    Selling my Wisper 905se Sport

    Hi All Just in case anyone is interested, I have just put my beloved Wisper 905se Sport on Ebay, as we are moving abroad and it doesn't really make sense to ship it! See Wisper 905se Sport Electric Bike, 36V 14A Battery on eBay (end time 20-May-11 10:43:37 BST) As you will see, I had a problem...
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    Handlebar stem for Wisper 905 Sport

    Thanks Mussels - I'll give that a try. I did try tightening it all up when this happened before, but I could never get it tight enough that the handlebar didn't gradually drop again!
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    Handlebar stem for Wisper 905 Sport

    Once again I feel I must commend Wisper for their amazing service. Steve at their service centre responded almost immediately to my email requesting information about the handlebar stem, and Wisper are as always going above and beyond to help me sort out the problem. I really cannot recommend...
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    Handlebar stem for Wisper 905 Sport

    Hi All My handlebar stem (think that's what it's called!) has just broken on my 905 Sport. The mechanism that allows you to raise/lower the handlebars easily includes a metal cog with teeth, that locks the mechanism when all is tightened. The teeth have sheared off, meaning the handlebars are...
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    Hi Dave I expect the pedelec sensor disc has just been knocked out of position... If you look on the bottom bracket underneath the pedals, you'll see a thin disc, a couple of inches diameter, which has 5 magnets in it spaced around the edge. The pedelec sensor is mounted next to this, and is...
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    Tyre blow out. Cause?

    I tend to go for Continentals: Continental Quality MTB Inner Tube Only £4.49 You need to make sure that there is a long valve on whatever you go for, as the rims are quite deep on the Wisper. Cheers, Howard
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    Tyre blow out. Cause?

    Hi z0mb13e I've had almost exactly the same problem as you with the Kenda tyres on my Wisper - the following link is for my post at the time: I was a bit fed up at the time! The bike was 4 months...
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    I've always found the customer service and general attitude from the guys at Wisper to be amazing. My experience with many other comanies is exactly the opposite, it's so refreshing when dealing with Wisper :)
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    Hi MrH Best to email Norman at He was kind enough to supply me with a couple of spare spokes when I needed them... Howard
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    New Wisper 905 SE Sport

    Hi I never ride mine to empty, but I do 24 miles to work then charge. Normally I still have red and amber lights on when I get to work (with no load on battery), and the voltage is normally about 36.5V. I suspect I could get 50 miles quite easily, but I do put in a fair amount of effort...
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    New Wisper 905 SE Sport

    Mine is always bang on 41.7V, so you may not get quite as high as 42V...
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    905se Sport - pump?

    Speaking of bike pumps, I came across this one the other day: Cyclaire, bike pump, air bed pump - Cyclaire Pump Anyone used/seen anything like that before?!
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    Query re purchasing a bike of value >£1000 limit on Cycle to Work scheme

    Hi I bought my Wisper 905se on the Cycle to Work scheme, which was about £1200. There is nothing explicit on Tax free bikes for work through the Government's Green Transport Initiative - Cyclescheme, provider of Cycle to Work schemes for UK employers that says you can't pay the difference, but...
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    Wisper Police bike image

    Hi Seeing as no one else has, I just wanted to speak up in support of the police. I think they do a great job - it's not their choice that their job involves so many performance targets and paper-work these days. I have a couple of friends in the police, and they and their colleagues find...
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    Tips for puncture repair?

    That's what I use too, and I have found them to be fine - no problems. I find them much easier to use to fix a puncture in bad light by the side of the road than fiddling around with glue etc...