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    Best lock for my ebike

    I've gone for the AXA Fold Pro 100 and found it very user friendly. It is great on bike racks and street lights. On my last bike I also had an AXA Defender frame/ring lock with a plug in chain; really simple to use and also Silver Sold Secure rated (as is the Fold Pro 100).
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    Cannondale Adventure Neo 3

    I have just bought a Haibike Trekking 6 Low Step to replace my Raleigh Motus Grand Tour. I have written a little report on it that you will find in the reviews section of this site which you might find of interest. Good luck with your hunt!
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    Haibike Fullseven 4

    Just press and hold the plus button.
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    Review Haibike Trekking 6 Low Step

    I replaced my 2018 Raleigh Motus GT (Activeline Plus) last Wednesday with the Haibike. The Raleigh has been great, and with 7,500 miles on the clock was still in immaculate condition. I bought my new bike from Ian at I-Psycle, who is just great. The bike was perfectly prepared and there was...
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    e scooters - a menace?

    You are right of course. Just look at the number of illegal users now, with precious little enforcement. That's why I used "if I were dictator"...
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    e scooters - a menace?

    I feel there is a place for e scooters, but there needs to be strict rules in place. If I was dictator, all riders to have at least a provisional licence, insurance, and a circa 12mph speed limit. The recent accidents have shown why such regulations need to be in place. Police need to start...
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    How many miles a day do you do?

    I also have a Motus Grand Tour step through, complete with panniers. It has just turned 3 years and I have 6300 miles on the clock. I use it whenever a car is not necessary, and in all weathers. In fact the car does far less mileage than the bike. Waterproof clothing and boots keep me dry and...
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    Bike Locks

    I installed AXA Defender ring locks to our bikes, complete with the accompanying plug in chains. They are ultra convenient to use and Sold Secure Silver rated. When leaving for a longer time, I double lock the bikes with Kryptonite Gold rated D locks. On E bikes I don't worry about the extra...
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    Rear wheel lock.

    My Raleigh Motus GT was fitted with a Trelock ring lock and came with two keys. It is generally a feature of this type of lock that the key can only be removed when locked. I since changed the lock to an AXA Defender which is Silver Sold Secure rated, and purchased the optional plug in chain. It...
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    Help! Bosch 400Wh battery sudden death

    I had exactly the same issue with the same battery, and under near identical circumstances. The only difference was my bike had 3000 miles and two bars on the battery before I put it on charge. I took it to the LBS, they could not get any reading from the diagnostics. It was completely dead...
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    Bike Locks

    I have recently installed frame/ring locks on both our bikes. They are really easy to use and you never forget the key, as unless it is locked, the key stays in the lock. On its own, not much use as someone could just pick up the bike and stuff it in a van, but with a dedicated chain that plugs...
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    Panniers for grocery shopping.

    I recently bought a set of Halfords Advanced panniers and I have been really pleased with them, thus far. They are quick release and I take them into the shop with me. Even more useful if you use a scan and go, as you can load them during the shop to judge how much capacity you have left. As a...
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    Need two ebikes but which ones ?

    Have fun with the Btwin. It would be great to hear your thoughts on it once you've has it for a while. As you say, not many reviews out there and I'm sure there are many people who will be interested in what you have to say.
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    Panniers on Cube touring bike

    Have a look at these. No issues with fitting them on my wife's Cube Elly Ride. You can slide the top clips very close together and they have an Ortlieb style quick release. Very pleased with them thus far...
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    Help! Want to buy an ebike? Which one.

    I live in Poole and have often ridden to Christchurch and also to New Milton on occasion. I have a Raleigh Motus and my wife has a Cube Elly Ride (which we were fortunate to get for £1,495 in April). Both are step through bikes, which is great for utility and if you have problems getting your...