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    2017 E-Silence EVO

    On the contrary, we're selling more Kalkhoff than ever and have put in a very large order for 2017 Kalkhoff e-bikes.
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    2015 Kalkhoff Clearance - 20% Off Top Models

    I see your point! Something to do with different prices for different sized models. But anyway, there's 20% off that model and others for few days Electric Bikes | Clearance | Accessories | Interest Free Finance | Blog | Contact Us 20% OFF IN OUR BOXING DAY SALE Our Boxing Day Sale has...
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    2015 Kalkhoff Clearance - 20% Off Top Models

    We've gathered all our 2015 Kalkhoff Impulse 2.0 models together on one Clearance page on our website and there is up to 20% off models like the Agattu Premium and Impulse Ergo, both with NuVinci Harmony automatic transmission and 17Ah battery packs, as well as the superbly well-equipped...
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    [Sep 11, 2015] 11th-13th September 2015 | Shepton Mallet Motorhome Show (Shepton Mallet)

    Our Bristol Showroom staff will be be attending the The Motorhome Show 2015 in Shepton Mallet from Friday 11th September to Sunday 13th September. We will be there with the full range of Kalkhoff Electric bikes, with a couple of Focus Electric Mountain Bikes also making an appearance. We also...
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    August Customer Offer, News & Reviews, Stolen Bikes Alert

    Fresh reviews, new Friends & Family discount code and keep 'em peeled for stolen Kalkhoffs Kalkhoff's latest models are making headlines and grabbing front pages lately. The 2016 Kalkhoff Integrale 8 LTD is the cover star of the current issue of the revamped Electric Bike Magazine. It has...
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    Bosch 2016

    Fair enough
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    [Jun 20, 2015] Bristol Sky Ride June 21st 2015 (Bristol)

    It's the first ever Sky Ride Bristol tomorrow, 21st June, between 11am and 3pm, along a traffic-free route around the city centre. What makes the traffic-free Sky Ride events great is that they're for cyclists of all ages and abilities. 50cycles very much believes that's what cycling should be...
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    News: Bosch announces 2016 e-bike system features

    We're really not into them. We won't support bikes found to have had them fitted and Kalkhoff and FOCUS won't either. The bikes are designed to perform within the limits they're designed and supplied for, and spec'd accordingly (brakes, tyres, even lighting). Exceeding that is likely to harm...
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    Help needed

    We used to sell something similar a long time ago, here's what I found on an old spec sheet Lithium-ion, Rear Rack Mounted, 24V / 10AH Pack, (7) 3.7V Rechargeable Cells, Advanced BMS, Extra Energy and UL + CE Safety Tested UL Listed Li-ion Smart Charger with LED Status Display Exclusive...
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    News: Bosch announces 2016 e-bike system features

    BH is a funny one. They did a cracking folding Panasonic bike but, as you say, there were 'problems'.
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    News: Bosch announces 2016 e-bike system features

    Aye, that is a tasty bike, no doubt about it. Like I said, the Haibike 2011-vintage was a beauty and absolutely the first of its kind, but it was first generation Bosch and disappointed. I wanted it to be amazing and to sell hundreds of them. I had to wait until last year before FOCUS sorted...
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    News: Bosch announces 2016 e-bike system features

    Preferred by whom? Look up the FOCUS e-MTB reviews. They more than hold their own against Bosch and Yamaha, and with greater battery capacities. The Stromer goes 'all the way up' and looks cumbersome.
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    News: Bosch announces 2016 e-bike system features

    dongled? Or as nature intended?
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    News: Bosch announces 2016 e-bike system features

    To be fair, it was their first crack at it back in 2011. It looked amazing, all white and blue and purposeful looking. A full suspension crank drive all-terrain bike! But out on the ride it really disappointed me. I gave up.
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    News: Bosch announces 2016 e-bike system features

    Kalkhoff still offer Bosch models but we won't be ordering any. FOCUS have dropped them completely. I can honestly say the Haibike FS Enduro was the most boring electric bike I have or will ever ride. Going around Richmond Park on that thing felt like taking an Accountancy exam, but with...