1. M

    Help! 11-Speed MTB Cassette on Bafang rear hub motor?

    I tried to search for this but couldn't find a thread about it. Does anyone know if an 11-Speed MTB cassette fits on a Bafang G020.500.DC (BFSWX02 48V 500W) rear hub motor? I know 7/8/9/10/11 speed MTB do all use the same freehub body, but I ask because I know 11-Speed MTB cassettes have a...
  2. A

    Dual-motor, dual-battery Grizzly offers a lot of ebike for the money! It will not appeal to all, and will probably need to be registered...
  3. M

    Help! Conversion kit help

    Hello everyone, I wanted to make my first electric bike. I decided to buy a conversion kit and go for 500w 36V engine. However, I am not sure if the battery I would like to buy (52V) will work with this motor. The motor I'd like to buy is this one (front): And that's the...
  4. O

    Help! Replaced the controller and now the hub motor is making an odd noise

    Years ago I bought a second hand e-bike in pretty bad mechanical condition for dirt cheap. I did all the repairs and it's been running mostly fine all this time, except for intermittent waterproofing issues, specially during the winter. Unfortunately a few weeks ago the LED display finally died...
  5. P

    Help! Giant Lafree lite 2005-7 ish

    Hi all, Recently been given a giant lafree e bike 05 ish been sat for years but a nice project to get through lockdown. Atleast I thought it would be fun I managed to get the bike running really nice it had a blown fuse it the battery, changed that and happy days, for all of 2-3 miles. on...
  6. Nugget

    Very weird motor issue. (Only "kicks in" when the wheel is moved backwards)

    Okay so... was riding home from uni when all of a sudden the bike felt very heavy, straight away I could tell the motor wasn't running. So I pulled the throttle assuming perhaps it was the PA (Had problems in the past with the magnet disk) and it was working but was feeling very jittery and...
  7. C

    Wanted Ezee Forza bike, or motor (incl. wheel)

    I am looking for a second hand Ezee Forza, or just the motor including the front wheel and the control unit.
  8. stever1957

    Will An Ebike Motor Lose Power Under Stress?

    If we imagine a road that has a steady incline of say 10% or thereabouts, for many miles, would a hub motor tend to become less powerful as it (presumably) heats up, and would it eventually grind to a halt before the battery is flat?