1000 miles done on Crossfuse E


Jun 29, 2018
Loilpop - I had a similar problem with the gears and some experts worked for about 4 hours on it - changed inner and outer cables twice. Tried routing not through the frame. Checked frame alignment with their special tool. In the end they swapped the shmano deraillieur for a cheap Taiwanese thing and it's been fine since (the Shimano was fine for 1400 miles, so no one could explain it).

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May 8, 2017
I have just done 2000 in my 1 year old Crossfuse. I too have changed my saddle for a Bikeroo Ladies Saddle. I had a couple of punctures so I got slime installed and now j hardly ever have to pump tyres. I have a handlebar bag for phone and keys and bag on my pannier for toolkit, spare inner tubes and lock. Couple of bungees attached to the back in case I need to remove jacket or carry anything else. I love my Crossfuse and have had lots of good comments from "regular" cyclists who don't even notice the battery until I tell them. On the day j need to replace my battery (when I wear it out) i will replace with a 500w as it comes with a 400w as standard. I am going to Belgium next month so will be enjoying their flat roads.


Aug 28, 2018
Hi Lolipop

Thanks for your update! Have you measured your chain for stretch? My chain started to come off at about 1250 miles, checked the chain and it was well over the .5 level (but within the.75). I have changed my chain and my problems are solved...

I check my chain every month and it hasn't hit the .5 yet and I'm now at 1800 miles. Still ALL cycle parts are the same including the tyres! The rear Tyre and the brake pads will need replacing in the next 200/300 miles i think! We don't have any really big hills where I live, I think this is why the chain is doing so well!


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Oct 26, 2018
So I hit my 1000th mile today on my Crossfuse and thought I'd give everyone an update on how the bike has held up. In short pretty much perfect. All the cycle parts are the same and I've not needed to replace anything yet.

I'm still getting around 70 miles per charge in tour mode and around 35 in turbo mode so the battery is still holding up well. I am charging the battery when it hits the 2nd to last bar as that was the advice given to me when I got the bike.

My rear tyre looks like it will need replacing in the next 500 miles and the chain has barely stretched at all. Gears all work perfect after I adjusted them self. The brake pads still have loads of life in them and won't need replacing any time soon. The only things that will need replacing is the wheel rims as I have over loaded my bike too many times and I'm a large rider weighing in at 102kg. I've been known to load the bike up with a good 40kg wroth of shopping on the rack and on my back which was a mistake.

The bike has had 0 cut out but did random give me an error code after a long ride on a very hot day so I guessed this was a over heating code as I reset the system and it went away. It hasn't come back since.

So all in all the bike has been perfect. I run slime in my tubes so I've not been stuck by the side of the road :)

I'm a driver and a motorcyclist, but my Crossfuse has replaced both my motorcycle and car for 90% of my trips now! Buying an E-bike is one of the best things I've ever done! I've not lost any weight but I'm much fitter now and I'm still looking for reasons to use it.

I love the fact that I can cycle to meetings and still be in a fit state to be in the meeting. I've got two really good D locks and an alarm under the seat so I feel a little better leaving a the bike racks!

Other cyclists can be dicks to me though, mainly hardcore cyclists look down on you and call you cheater. It used to make me really made but I tell them to **** off now as this has happened maybe 5/6 times to me now.

All in all the Crossfuse is great bike and has been perfect for me! I'd give it a solid 9 out of 10. The only reason I don't give it a 10 out of 10 is because they ship the bike with the slow charger. I wish they shipped it with the fast charger as it can feel like an age when waiting for it to charge if you're in a rush.
The chain slipping is a simple adjustment, to be found on YouTube.
Here are several, pick the one you like!

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