Case studies - how has your electric bike changed your life?


Oct 10, 2016
Burton on trent
I know this is an old thread but if gets one person back on a bike then it's worth the effort. I am 71 years of age this year. I retired from the fire service at the age of 46 with moderately severe spinal injuries. I kept reasonably busy as a facilities manager with a large government dept but my injuries took a turn for the worse resulting in two further major operations. Still I kept as active as I could but gradually did less and less until I had a heart attack over two years ago. My spinal degradation also progressed quite rapidly until I was only able to walk very short distances and only then with a walking frame. After the heart attack I was determined to make an effort to get on the move and my doctor suggested a bike. I laughed of course barely being able to walk but a short time later there was a cycling event in Warrington and the lass on the advice stall suggested an ebike. I thought about it but my first option was to buy a cheap ordinary bike and see how I went on. Well, surprisingly, my back pain actually receded when sat on the bike and I was actually able to pedal fairly comfortably. Balance was a problem due to difficulty starting from rest and my wobbles were positively lethal until I got some speed up. I struggled but improved daily. My only concern was overdoing it and not being physically able to get home. This is where the ebike came in. It gave me the confidence to cover greater distances knowing I had the facility in the Bosch motor to get home with greatly reduced effort. Launching from rest is improved but still not brilliant. I just wait till all the traffic had moved off before moving or use cycle lanes as much as possible. My fitness has improved greatly and I look forward to going out every day if I can. I use the motor as little as possible but it is there when I do have need of it. It has changed my life more than you can possibly imagine so if you are giving it some thought just go for it. It's the best thing I could possibly have done.
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Dec 15, 2018
I have already posted on here, but let me tell of the new changes. My wife is disabled. Over the last ten years she has had various mobility scooters and by trial and error we ended up with a three wheeler which had the power to the front wheel that had a quick detachable battery and tiller. I would walk with her but would soon start to flag as my fitness levels were so poor. So to overcome this I bought a cheap ebike off eBay. What FUN. This created a new problem. My range was now better than my wife's and of course my bike went much faster!
I saw a wheelchair tractor (this is like a front wheel powered cycle with a battery on the headstock and clamps to attach the same to the frame of a wheelchair so it can be used to power the wheelchair and effectively change a wheelchair into a powered trike)..
With a small engineered mod it was attached to the seat part of her scooter. As the mod was completed I had to try it out. If ebiking was fun this was a complete revelation.
So I took it home and waited for a warm day.
I suggested a trip round our local tescos and so she could get an idea of the controls I parked the car in a quiet part of the car park and she sat down on it while I locked the car door. I turned around to find that she was gone.

I looked for her and the saw her riding the now cycle powered scooter with the biggest grin I have seen on her face in years. Whether the scooter is an etrike or not the effect has been brilliant. A trip down to town was a doddle using cycle paths
A trip through local woods was accomplished and suddenly a new world of adventures beckons for us both

Whether it is legal I would not like to discuss but what I can say without any hesitation is that without my getting my ebike my wife would not be enjoying her life so much.

We will be taking both to Holland later this year and use the machines to enjoy the bulbfields. Completely new horizons now beckon. I am just about to fit a solar panel on our camper to charge both her scooter and my bike so that we will not be tied to seeking electric hook ups for that purpose.

Touring is taking on a new prospective for us both.