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Jun 12, 2011
I've not used that type of control panel before, so I'm not sure how you get into the settings. You could try all the normal ways, like press and hold both buttons for several seconds, then maybe again to get to the next level of settings.
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Apr 15, 2020
Greater Manchester
With commuting and leisure riders in mind, the EZEGO e-bike range comprises of stylish and robust bicycles at highly affordable prices. Comfortable palmwing grips, velo saddles, a variety of frame sizes, styles and specs means there is something for all riders.

The EZEGO brand is new for 2019, and currently features 4 pedelec models:

Step NX - Our lowest step-over model, £1,099 https://ezego.bike/step-nx-low-step-over-electric-bike
View attachment 29859

Fold - Our small but mighty folding model, £999 https://ezego.bike/eze-fold-folding-ebike
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Commute EX Gents - Our stylish commuter cycle, £999 https://ezego.bike/commute-ex-gents-ebike
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Commute EX Ladies - Our stylish commuter cycle with a lower top tube position, £999 https://ezego.bike/commute-ex-ladies-e-bike
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The bikes are available to order online or from one of our wonderful retailers.
What are the max rider/load weights for your bikes?

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