Ongoing reliability of Kalkhoff/Focus Impulse 2 motors


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Sep 22, 2012
The Pedelec forum have not contacted me and as far as I am aware there is no problem with them.
If 50 Cycles are going to send the boys round, tell them to bring you a new bike as well.

Ted B.

May 28, 2016
Will Tinker you have been buying bits from other sources for your bike, so you have ruined your warranty!
Another misleading post from Nigel01, who seems to be consistently supporting 50 Cycles...

I very much doubt replacing the cassette and the chain (both considered to be consumable parts) will void the warranty of any bike, electric or otherwise. Also, the bike does not have to be maintained by the original dealer to keep the bike under warranty.

Of course, if the maintenance was not done properly, then the manufacturer could object to some warranty terms, but it's unlikely to be the case for a chain and a cassette.


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Mar 14, 2011
We have a couple of anti Kalkhoff people on here. As I have said look elsewhere for reports.
We are not anti Kalkhoff,if they still built reliable fantastic bikes like when they used the Panasonic and Bosch motors nobody would be complaining.
The latest models weigh a ton and have a motor that has PROVEN unreliability.I have ridden Kalkhoffs since 2011 but never again.
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I've come to the conclusion that Nigel01 is somehow attached to 50 Cycles. Read back through all his posts and see what you think. Most people would say. "I'm going for a ride on my bike today". Nigel says, "I am so looking forward to more hot days to get out on my Kalkhoff Tasman" and "I had another nice ride today on my Kalkhoff Tasman". It just doesn't sound right.

IIRC, 50 Cycles have been caught using stooges or masquerading as punters before.
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Alan Quay

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Dec 4, 2012
Nearly everything I have ever heard about 50C is bad news, and it's pretty much the same with Kalkhoff.

I have formed an opinion that Kalkhoff was once a good brand, but have lost their way. I have concluded that 50C are just dodgy.

I certainly wouldn't spend any money with either of them.

(I'll let you all know if they threaten to 'Send the boys round')
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Nov 5, 2013
Just downloaded every one of my messages, and all of the related threads here in case I need them and they are removed.

Guys, I can't post anything on the current situation. I have a family to look after and I have to be careful. I'm sorry. If you do want to talk to me you will need to email or call. PM me if you need to.

Again, I wish you all well and will post again if things take a positive turn.

No one will touch your family, I do not think 50 cycles are MAFIA
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Aug 19, 2014
But they can sue,maybe this is what they threatened to do.
Lol I very much doubt they would ever sue for libel unless they can prove they've acted correctly and anything said was false and was said with malice. And they would have to prove damages.
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Sep 22, 2012
south east Essex
Lol I very much doubt they would ever sue for libel unless they can prove they've acted correctly and anything said was false and was said with malice. And they would have to prove damages.
Let them sue ,then they will be dammed!

In any case, if anyone had threatened malice aforefort,suerly that's s a criminal activity ,and should be challenged, Will Tinker has a valid complaint,and anyone who wants to challenge that with threats has no legal place to do so , I would say that is poor Business practice ,


Feb 13, 2016
While you have all been moaning I have been out for another 40 miles. I have nothing to do with 50cycles but I don't like bullies who tell me what to think! 400,000 sold and a few moaning minnies who never stop complaining. I spoke to a lady on a Kalkhoff the other day and asked her what she thought. She had only done 1500 miles but said it was great value. The problem is people are happy with them until they are told otherwise by scaremongers. Find problems on google other that this site is difficult. I stand by my words. Like it or lump it. Happy riding. I also notice the rats are deserting the sinking ship.