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    Eco Expedition

    I've done around 650 miles on it now, the only other niggle has been the front derailleur needing a few adjustments, that's a Shimano item, probably lower end, but seems to have needed more than any other item on the bike. I agree with many of your points, I paid the earlier lower price and it...
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    Hello everybody

    Very nice, liking this BWM badge on it :)
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    Welcome and hope you enjoy the journey. You'll feel it a bit in the legs at first, but then it becomes normal to have some residual muscle strain, if you don't then you start thinking you're not trying hard enough :p
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    Hello everybody

    57 is no age you'll be fine with the odd tumble ;). Got any pictures of the beemer? Oh and welcome
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    Hi Everybody.

    I bet you looked quite a sight toppling off like that! Good that you weren't hurt though, good luck with the conversion and welcome. Let's see some pictures...
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    Hi Everyone

    I'll get on the band wagen and ask to see pics also! Welcome to the forum
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    Hi all

    Tell me (us) how they feel different, as I have hub, but I'm curious how crank drive feels
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    Hi all

    Welcome, I'm sure after some research/questions you'll find the ideal bike, enjoy the journey
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    Nice one trying to have an alternative to using your van, hello and welcome. I see you've asked about it in another thread, so I'll go and see what you've put right now ;)
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    New Wisper 905 SE Owner

    You'll have plenty of fun riding home, you'll be surprised how far you can go, though you might have woken up some leg muscles by then ;)
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    Hello everybody

    Post your own review when you've used them a bit, and don't forget pictures! Welcome to the forum
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    2016 haibike all mountain RX for sale

    Looks amazing, how on earth did you pay that much and get the wrong size!!?? Anyhow, good luck, someone could get an amazing bike...
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    Cube Reaction Hybrid Race 500

    Don't think I'd be brave enough to ride at 43mph, if i could even go that fast! Great review and update on your progress
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    Help finding £25,000+ of stolen electric bikes

    That's bad, sorry to hear that, hopefully they will surface and can be recovered, scumbags is the right description for these people, good luck
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    Norfolk Broads Trike Man

    Welcome! Wow that's a lot of trikes!! I was going to ask where on earth you'd store them on a boat...but I see you have them in various locations. Would love to see some pictures of them and maybe of the boat and surrounding area ;), i went on the southern broads a couple of years back, amazing...