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    Does Anybody Recognize this Hub Motor?

    Can you do a photo of the other side of the motor, seems unlikely that it splits in the centre.
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    Charger for Alien Battery

    I have one £25 plus postage, my Alien battery died after 4 years so this is now surplus.
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    Exighting bike ride!

    Phew !!!!!!!!!!!
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    Old Bike New Member

    Go to the Powabke you can sign in then go to owner zone at the top of the page you should be able to get some info there...
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    Ignore this thread

    What ???????????????
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    play in rear wheel with 8 fun moter

    Hi footpump the motor is very easily opened up just a few screws. I have had mine dismantled because a screw came adrift, guess you are miles away from me Nr. Wigan if you need hands on help, but obtaining and replacing the bearings is quite easy. Hope all goes well for you
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    play in rear wheel with 8 fun moter

    I think he is saying the wheel is rocking rather than sliding. The bearings should have a number on them and can be bought from e-bay or bearing suppliers quite cheaply.
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    Attitudes to ebikes.

    Why on earth do you bother if you are happy riding an e-bike who cares about what other people think life is to short to care. I don't.
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    New Battery quandry

    Hey Simon I carry loads of things in my panniers but each to his own. :)
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    New Battery quandry

    I had to extend the wire by 30 cm approx then soldered the wires onto the controller quite easy to do, if you mount the battery to the frame you will need to use longer 5 mm screws the ones holding the water bottle are not quite long enough.
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    New Battery quandry

    I have the same bike and I am using the battery recommended by d8veh, as he says balance is much improved.
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    Yamaha motor troubleshooting

    If it only happens on the right hand side try a different pedal, it could be that. My son had a one sided click on his non electric bike which turned out to be the pedal.
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    alien ocean aurora help

    I counted them when I removed my motor from the bike and took it apart when a screw had come out inside That internet photo was just for clarification.
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    alien ocean aurora help

    My Aurora has 3 thick wires. Sensorless motor.